Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED website of Subvest, the only place to order your "Made In the USA" hand crafted custom Submarine Vest by "THE VEST LADY"

What's New? Almost everything, except the quality of my work.

Been making VESTS for over 20 years and loving everyone I make. It makes me feel like a part of Naval History!

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Serving Those, Who Already Have.

Return Policy: Orders with The Vest Lady and Subvest are custom for each Submarine Sailor, if something is wrong I will work my hardest to make it right. Spelling is easy to fix, however sizing not. If you do not choose the correct size for yourself you will have to submit and purchase another order.

Please remember, in the world of quick Amazon type ordering and having your garment on your doorstep in 3 days - that is not the case with The Vest Lady. Liken it to walking into a brick and mortar store and asking for a custom Hand Made item made in the USA - it is not fast, but it is QUALITY.