Facts and Questions

    What Size Vest Do I Order?
I get asked this question a lot! The poor girl to the right is having a hard time choosing for herself! My best advice is to order the same size vest you would get yourself a sweatshirt in. If you think you are going to wear a sweatshirt UNDER it, then I would go up another size. Remember these are casually worn items and I don't think many expect them to close up the front. They do have a chained button closure that can be expanded. Vests come in XS - 3XL, with no added charge for bigger vests.4Xl and 5XL are available and have a slightly different shape, and there is a upcharge for those.
Do the Vests Shrink?
Gee… it's not the vests that get smaller….
The vests are made out of 65/35 Poly Cotton blended twill, so they will not shrink due to washing it in a household machine (see next question for care instructions) The only way these shrink over time, is that if the wearer "expanded" over time.
   Care Instructions:
Most typical embroidered items can be turned inside out and then washed normally through a household machine, hand-washing like the girl here is also ok. Vests are best cared for when given to a Dry Cleaners that you trust. They can be put through a household machine, however, there is a chance that a thread in can be pulled by a zipper on a pair of Levi's, and that would not be pretty.
 $15 for a custom Ball Cap?
I bet you are as surprised as the girl who just locked herself out of the house! You bet! I know the folks I am making these items for, and I don't believe in gouging my customer!
   How are the items shipped?
I use the United States Postal Service Priority
Mail with Delivery confirmation.   Rush Express is available if time allows for an added $28 
    Can I get this RUSHED?
As long as your "need date" is a feasible date for me, there is no problem to rush the Vest (and no added charge! ) Providing I have your size and color in stock (Navy, Royal ). Please do try to call your order in with the basic information so I can confirm your date. If you need a garment other than a vest, there is a $20 rush charge - but please call me first to make sure I can fulfill your need.
    Got something to mail to me?
If you are sending something in the mail, please do not require me to sign for it… I may not be home to sign for it and it will not be left at the house for delivery. No matter how much I beg or leave a note for the postman! Just send it regular United States Postal Priority Service, and if you need it… you can add Delivery Confirmation. Thanks!   Jenny Dugan  9515 Jenny Ct., Norfolk, VA 23503.
    Can I try on the vests for size?
Most folks know someone who has bought a SUBvest, so you can rate your size from that.   If you are desperate to try one on and don't mind a little shipping charge, please contact me and we can work out something where I send you a few vests in the mail for a personal fitting. Other than that, I hope to see you at the next National Convention, where I always have vests on hand to try one on!
    Which color do I go with?
There are no "VEST POLICE", so you may choose the color you wish? Some Bases do have a "favorite" color - but Dark Navy blue or the Lighter Royal blue - it's up to you.
Unlike the girl here in her "White Dress" … Yep, due to popular demand, I have been asked to create a vest for wearing at formal events. The cut of the vest is changed to mimic a waistcoat, with pointed fronts and a higher back area.
    Can I get a different color trim?
Your sails are always properly trimmed, so yes I can sew on the traditional gold trim or now a gray/silver trim, as well as, a Metallic Silver trim. Whichever you choose, it makes the vest look very finished… there are many times when a Vet will order a vest without the trim only to, later on, have me apply it. I even bring yards and yards of trim to conventions to sew it on the spot for you.
    Can you add to my existing vest or RE WORK it?
Most times the answer to this is a resounding "YES", but I do either have to see it for myself or see pictures of the existing vest to see if I can make the changes you want. I enjoy what I do, so I enjoy the challenge.   Sometimes at conventions guys are just ready for a new vest  - when that is the case I can recycle all your old patches on to a new vest
     Can you recycle old patches?
YEPPERS!!! That is the BEST! I love to look at the "Old School" patches and examine how they are put together… you can tell I really love sewing! Either you can take them off your vest yourself or send the vest to me and for an added charge of $2 each I will take them off and then charge the fee to sew them back on the new vest. If the patches have been glued on, I may have to take out the scissors to free the patch from the old vest…which would then look like Swiss cheese… but they would be on a new vest!
    How are the patched applied to the vest?
Oh No! She spilled something on her dress…It looks like glue! NO GLUE USED HERE at SUBvest! I color match the outside edge of the patch and sew it on with a secure ZigZag. stitch to continue the look of the outside edge. I hate to see a beautiful patch with a straight line running right through the edge!

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