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VEST - Recycled

VEST - Recycled

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That's right!

RECYCLE your old submarine vest keeping all of your old patches!

Has your vest seen better days?  DO you have a vest with an OUTDATED PATCH on the back rather than beautifully Direct embroidery of the USSVI LOGO?  Do you have "VEST ENVY" of a Subvest Vest?  No Problem, "The Vest Lady" specializes in recycled vests.  I could easily say I take in about 30 old vests EACH YEAR at the USSVI National Conventions.  I carefully and expertly remove the existing patches and re-sew them on a NEW SUBVEST.  Easy Peasy!   

Nothing to fill out here - Just send your old vest to Jenny Dugan - The Vest Lady / 9515 Jenny Ct  / Norfolk, VA 23503 an I will contact you about the rest. 

Got extra patches to sew on - send them along too!  

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