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VEST - Dress Formal White

VEST - Dress Formal White

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The best place on the web to buy an Official USSVI Vest,
actually SUBVEST is one of the ONLY places!

 There are many options above to customize your vest exactly how you want it.   The Options are vast, however, You are a Submarine sailor – so it shouldn’t scare you….. My ONE rule is that there are no Rules, and definitely NO "Vest Police" out there, so your limits are my limits.
  The Submarine vest shown to the left is
and Made in THE United States!  
Average time to make is about 3 weeks  

Thank you for your service!



I have been making vests for over 20 years and am thrilled when I see them at a convention or an event.  One thing to remember is that there are no rules when creating this vest, so if you can dream it up… I probably can do it.

 There are MANY things that are included FREE in the cost of the basic vest -(far more than the other guys) – if they are still out there making vests… Mine are made in the USA… custom for you… Made out of a 7-ounce cotton/poly twill these vests are strong and greatly made.


ALL THE TRIMMINGS: Including in the base cost of $50, is a GREAT value. 

* Sizes Small - 3XL - SAME PRICE!  

*Gold, Gray, Metallic Silver or Metallic gold braided trim expertly sewn on

 *Your name on the right front decoratively sewn on

*Your dolphins on the left, you earned em!

*USSVI large patch on the back (sorry out of stock) 

*The name of the USSVI base that you belong to is sewn 1″ tall above back logo 

*Life Member Text and or Holland Club text sew STRAIGHT across –

 *City and State can even be added here that would be sewn in a curve under the main

One aspect of a vest that I would point your attention to is the Large Design on the back… the basic price includes the
basic USSVI standard patch (out of stock), which looks ok (not really). The USSVI patch is shown here to the left.

 But if you really want something to be proud of, please consider the DIRECT EMBROIDERY of the USSVI logo with nicer looking dolphins, especially if you are getting GOLD dolphins, then that is the only way to make them gold.   The cost for that is an added $20, but for
38,000 stitches… as shown here on the right. I think it is well worth it. 


Not to mention again that the proud Officer Dolphins, a Mustangs’ split Dolphins, and the WWII LARGE patch are ONLY here in the direct embroidery form.

 Other than that, please take your time and fill out all the options above.  There are many options included, and I have tried to think of them all, but if you can think of something else, then please ask…. after all… it’s your vest…


TRUE SIZING: When choosing your proper size, please consider the size you would purchase a sweatshirt for yourself in… only once or twice have I had someone who said that the size they picked was too small….  but over time, I do warn you that the vests “shrinks”  and your stomach will stay the same!  LOL… not really, but I have had folks get great use out of the chained button that can be applied to the front!


Boats & Commands: 

Each boat name and hull number are sewn 1″ tall in Block font for only $5 each,

no matter what.  For example,  USS  PIKE SS  173 = $5 and USS  GEORGE WASHINGTON  CARVER SSBN  656 = $5.

 Want to signify BLUE or GOLD Crew? Add on Same Line as Command

Boat Names and Hulls are usually sewn with a dash before the Hull Number, in the first few years of making vests that's how I was asked to make them, and so for the next 15 years I followed suit.    As you print them will be how I sew them.  There are many Submarine Sailors out there and a many different opinions on how best to do this.  Trying to please you all.


Were you a plank owner, an XO, or a CO?

Let me know in the same space you write the Boat name, and that is sewn on FREE, underneath the appropriate boat.  It will be sewn in a different color and font from the rest, as seen above.


RATES & NICK-NAMES: Sewn on the front chest are only $5 each…. come’on, I know you all have nicknames like Knuckledragger or Rocky.



Just when you thought you’ve seen it all…  

SUBVEST does it again!

With the Blessing of the Past National Storekeeper – I have created NEW Vest Closures!!!  Now you can wear your dolphins (gold or silver) or your Rate Device as your vest closure for an added special touch!  See below! 



 PATCHES: When I sew on the patches I make sure that they are secure and that the thread matches the outside edging. I can even repair an ancient patch at no added charge.

 Each patch is only $5 to sew on.

 And I can get the patches for you too!  

 One-stop shopping!

 Select the Patches you would like on your vest and add them to your shopping cart when you complete your vest order, I will have all the patches you want too!

I generally place all boat patches in the timeline order on the front of the vest and balance out the rest around the vest.  If you have a particular place where you would like to see a patch, then write me a note in the customer comments, or include it with the patch you have ordered in the box provided.


Would you like some text under a particular patch?  Not a problem,  just add the text desired when ordering that patch. Text under patches is optional.


this is
YOUR VEST… your rules … ‘nuf said!


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