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SSN 593 Challenge Coin USS THREASHER SSN 593

SSN 593 Challenge Coin USS THREASHER SSN 593

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A beautiful hand-painted 1.75 inch brass coin honoring the men of the USS Thresher SSN 593, one of the only two peace time submarines lost at sea...

USS Thresher SSN 593

The USS Thresher sank off the New England coast while on sea trials following an overhaul. The exact cause is unknown. A Navy board of inquiry determined that the "most likely cause" was a failure in either a pipe, a pipe valve, or a hull weld, causing flooding somewhere near the engine room.

The flooding probably short-circuited an electrical system related to the main engine, causing the reactor to "scram" or shut down. Without power, the Thresher was unable to surface, and the continued flooding caused Thresher to drop below her crush depth where the pressure of the ocean destroyed her.

129 men lost, no survivors. (9 officers, 85 crew, 18 Navy technicians, and 17 civilian contract technicians)

The back of the coin shows the USS Thresher. The following verse from the US Navy Hymn is also on the back:

Navy Hymn for Submariners "Bless those who served beneath the deep, Through the lonely hours the vigil they had to keep, May eternal peace their mission ever be, Bless each one we ask of thee, Comfort those who at home who waited and prayed, For their return night and day. Sailor, rest your oars"

These coins are designed and only available from me. Would make an excellent addition to your collection or for your favorite sailor!
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